Dorsey Hovde Art Design - Who We Are

Who We Are


Dorsey-Hovde ArtDesign (DHAD) is a comprehensive fine art consulting firm and industry leader in artistic direction of architectural art design. Since 1978, DHAD has guided healthcare, corporate, hospitality, liturgical and public organizations through a seamless process of planning, searching, purchasing or commissioning, and placing artwork into interior and exterior spaces.

National Reputation = Trusted Partner

As a pioneer in the fields of healthcare and corporate art consulting, DHAD has a successful track record in coordinating small to complex projects. For thirty years, founder and principal consultant Victoria Hovde has built her firm's reputation as a trusted partner by valuing client and resource relationships, offering high quality artistic solutions within any budget, and providing exceptional service.

DH Art Design is known for its unique aesthetic signature, including art characterized as creative and life-affirming. The firm's philosophy has evolved from Hovde's years of deep interest and research into mind/ body medicine within the context of integrating the arts into the design process for healing and wellness.

Added Value = Good Investment

Contracted as independent and unbiased consultants, DHAD shares expert knowledge of the contemporary art market, ever-changing trends, and evidence-based research in design, all working together to benefit clients with the expertise to acquire art that will hold long-term value.

DHAD's consultants lead clients through an efficient art selection and commissioning process, so dollars spent on art result in both a rich visual experience, and a good investment in corporate identity-building, employee morale, and in the healthcare industry, patient satisfaction.

When you contract DHAD, you gain an in-house buyer, purchasing art at full discounted pricing on your behalf. All costs of art and compensation for consulting services are fully disclosed. Adhering to the International Association of Professional Art Advisors guidelines, DHAD does not maintain an inventory nor do they have a vested interest in any certain artist, gallery, publisher, or dealer. 

One Source = Saving Time and Money

DHAD provides the most comprehensive, client-focused services available from one source. Depending on the scope of the project, services may include:

Art Consulting in Visioning, Planning and Development
Art Sourcing and Acquisition
Project Management and Arts Programming
Arts Administration
Architectural Art Design